Recycle your bicycle

For schools and families to donate, and buy secondhand and reconditioned children's bikes

What is Recycle your Bicycle
Recycle your Bicycle is a pioneering and brand new scheme by Pedal Monsters. It’s a place where children’s bikes can be donated. Donated bikes are then reconditioned and sold on at discounted prices to schools or families in need.

Who’s it for? 
The scheme is mostly targeted at families living in the Galway area with children at school, as well as associated schools.

How does it work?
1/ A child’s bike is donated to Pedal Monsters.
2/ Pedal Monsters reconditions the bike.
3/ The bike is sold on at a discounted price to parents of a child in primary school, or directly to a school.
4/ Hopefully, when the bike is no longer needed, the bike is donated back to Pedal Monsters where it can be reconditioned again and recycled to another family or school.

Do Pedal Monsters collect bikes?
Yes, within reason. 

I‘d like to donate a bike. What should I do?
Send an email to or call 085 271 8728.

I’d like to buy a bike. What should I do?
Send an email to or call 085 271 8728.